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Providing assistance and support to the many Canberrans impacted by loose fill asbestos insulation known as Mr Fluffy, is a priority of the ACT Government. The Asbestos Response Taskforce (the Taskforce) was established by the ACT Government on 25 June 2014 to provide a coordinated and compassionate response to the lasting impacts of loose-fill asbestos in Canberra homes. The Taskforce reports directly to Minister Mick Gentleman, MLA.

The Taskforce provides a single point of contact for those in the community who are affected by, or have concerns about loose-fill asbestos.

The Taskforce has established a register to record those affected by, or who have concerns about loose fill asbestos insulation in Canberra homes. This includes current and former home owners or tenants, tradespeople, real-estate and other professionals or general members of the community.

You can register with the Asbestos Response Taskforce online, or by calling Access Canberra on 13 22 81.

If you have concerns about loose fill asbestos, it is important to register with the Taskforce. Everyone who is affected by loose-fill asbestos will have unique needs and requirements from the Government. Registering with the Taskforce will allow the government to provide relevant information for individual homeowners, tenants or tradespeople and where appropriate to provide one-on-one support and advice.

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