The Asbestos Response Taskforce (the Taskforce) provides a range of regular information in a timely way to keep people informed and aware. We also regularly brief the media.

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The Community and Expert Reference Group (CERG) provides an important link for you and provides direct input into seeking additional support from the broader Canberra community, including information needs.

You can contact the Taskforce and CERG in a number of ways.

Communication about upcoming demolitions

The Taskforce has a targeted approach to advising neighbours about upcoming demolitions of Mr Fluffy houses.

Generally, neighbours within a two house range of the upcoming demolition receive a letter and information pack advising of the contract award. Contractors make contact with direct neighbours to inform them about the internal asbestos removal and demolition timing. We also regularly engage with neighbours at community events and via doorknocking in cluster areas.

Below is a summary of key contact points around demolition communications:

  1. Demolition contract award
    Neighbours and the former owner are informed that a demolition contract has been awarded for the property. This will include broad information on who the contractor is, information on the process, and that preparatory work may commence on the site in coming weeks/months.
  2. Contractor letters
    Direct neighbours will receive a letter from contractors around timing for internal asbestos removal and demolition in line with their legislative requirements. The Taskforce has asked to also receive a copy and will forward this to owners where possible. It is important to understand that these dates may change for reasons such as weather and contractor scheduling changes.
  3. Actual demolition
    When the Taskforce is advised on the actual demolition time by the contractor, we make phone contact with former owners to inform them of the demolition date and time. Like any construction work, it is not unusual for the date to move several times for a range of reasons, which means the Taskforce may make contact with owners several times.
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