Buyback Program close date extension

22 April 2020

Due to the challenges COVID-19 is having on many aspects of the Canberra community, the property surrender deadline for participants of the voluntary Buyback Program has been extended.

The new date will now be either 30 June 2021 or six months after the COVID-19 Public Health State of Emergency is lifted in the ACT, whichever date is later.

The extension of the timeframe for participants to surrender their property under the Buyback Program to the later of these two dates provides assurance that they have at least until mid-2021 to put all necessary arrangements in place. It also provides assurance that should the impact of COVID-19 continue to create challenges into next year, they will still have at least six months to complete the surrender of their property.

Transition Assistance remains available for eligible participants with complex financial and health circumstances, with dates being extended in line with the Buyback Program changes.

While the property surrender date has been extended, the deadline to exchange contracts and be part of the Buyback Program remains 30 June 2020.

As some homeowners may now be remaining in their affected properties longer than originally planned due to this extension, it is important that all homeowners of Mr Fluffy properties remain vigilant of their obligation to maintain a compliant Asbestos Management Plan.

The Personal Support Team continues to be available to discuss individual circumstances with homeowners and provide them further information.