Community and Expert Reference Group

The Community and Expert Reference Group (CERG) was established in August 2014 as an extension of the ACT Government's commitment to assisting those affected by loose fill asbestos insulation through the Loose Fill Asbestos Insulation Eradication Scheme.

CERG is an information and reference group to the Asbestos Response Taskforce (the Taskforce) and not a decision-making body. The role of the Chair of CERG is to brief the responsible Minister on the activities and priorities of CERG, as required.

Over the course of its operations CERG has provided the Taskforce with an alternative, independent source of expertise, information, feedback and advice on community and stakeholder sentiment and need, policy, delivery and emerging issues.

As the Taskforce enters the final phases of its delivery of the Scheme, CERG is presented with a new range of opportunities to engage and support the Canberra community and recognise the legacy of Mr Fluffy.

Function of the Community and Expert Reference Group

CERG maintains a strong focus on providing independent advice to the ACT Government, through the Taskforce, on community and stakeholder sentiment and need.

As part of the ongoing commitment to the community recovery process, CERG continues to:





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To contact the CERG, email with the subject of the email as 'Correspondence for the CERG'.

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