The Long Term Management of Loose Fill Asbestos Insulation in Canberra Homes report (4.8 MB) provides an overview of the history of loose fill asbestos in Canberra. It helped inform the ACT Government's response.

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Mr Fluffy and formation of the Taskforce

Mr Fluffy is the commonly used name for the asbestos fluff insulation installed by D. Jansen & Co. Pty Ltd and its successor firms, which installed loose fill asbestos insulation between 1968 and 1978–79 in Canberra and, it is believed, the surrounding region.

After extensive discussions with experts, asbestos assessors and homeowners in 2014, the ACT Government determined that demolition of each affected house was the only enduring solution to the health risks as well as the social, practical and financial consequences being faced by owners of affected properties.

The Asbestos Response Taskforce has worked with owners and residents through the Loose Fill Asbestos Insulation Eradication Scheme and voluntary buyback program, and continues to do so to achieve an enduring solution.

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