Asbestos guidance for real estate sector

Released 27 June 2014

Real estate agents, landlords and homeowners of Mr Fluffy houses will have a better understanding of  their obligations in regards to asbestos management, duty of disclosure, documentation with the  release of new asbestos guidance material for the ACT real estate sector.

Minister for Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations, Simon Corbell, today announced release of the  new material.

"This guidance material is the first part of a range of measures which will assist those in the real estate  sector, as well as homeowners, buyers and other stakeholders to manage the risks associated with  asbestos," Mr Corbell said.

"Real estate agents have a number of legal obligations across a variety of legislation. With an issue as  complex as asbestos, it is understandable that these obligations may become confusing.

"This guidance material covers the relevant requirements, as well as general asbestos management,  duty of disclosure, documentation and background information to ensure a clear and consistent  approach can be taken."

The guidance material has been developed by the ACT Office of Regulatory Services in consultation  with the Real Estate Institute of the ACT and includes information on homes with remnant loose­fill  asbestos insulation, also known as 'Mr Fluffy' asbestos.

"The ACT government has worked in partnership with the Real Estate Institute of the ACT in  developing this important resource.

"This document clearly outlines the expectations for those in the real estate sector when it comes to  managing properties containing asbestos, and the continued cooperation in this area by the institute is  valued.

"The issues associated with Mr Fluffy asbestos have caused a great deal of distress amongst ACT  residents, and it is important to address what can be done to help those affected.

"This guidance material will be followed by further measures to inform and assist members of our  community who are dealing with the difficulty of asbestos issues."