Mr Fluffy home owners urged to join Asbestos Register

Released 27 June 2014

The Asbestos Response Taskforce today encouraged Canberra residents with concerns about loose-fill asbestos issues to provide their names and contact details to the Asbestos Register.

Head of the Taskforce Mr Andrew Kefford said it was important for Canberrans, whether they are current or former homeowners of Mr Fluffy houses, residents, tenants, tradespeople or professionals to register their details with Canberra Connect on 13 22 81.

“Everyone who is affected by loose-fill asbestos will have unique needs and requirements. Registering with the taskforce will allow the government to tailor the information that it provides to individual homeowners, tenants or tradespeople who may have been exposed to the loose-fill asbestos,” Mr Kefford said.

“The Taskforce has already spoken with a number of Canberrans who have registered to better understand the individual circumstances of those affected and we will continue to engage personally with those who are on the register, starting as a first priority with those who are currently living in a Mr Fluffy house.”

Mr Kefford advised the community that those who should be registering details as a priority are those living in addresses who received a letter from the ACT Government in February this year. These houses were part of the Commonwealth remediation program in the 1980s.

“I  would like to reiterate that owners who received these letters, should engage experienced and licensed professionals to undertake an asbestos assessment,” Mr Kefford said.

“The risk that there are other Mr Fluffy houses out in the community that have not been identified at this stage is very low. However if you are concerned, register with the Asbestos Taskforce and we will be in touch with you shortly.”

Mr Kefford reinforced the message from ACT Health that if you have concerns about the impact of possible exposure to asbestos, you should discuss the matter with your general practitioner.

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