Asbestos Management Plan

The Dangerous Substances (General) Regulation 2004 requires homeowners of privately-owned affected properties to have an Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) prepared and lodged with WorkSafe ACT.

The AMP assists in minimising the potential for further exposure to loose fill asbestos for homeowners, residents, tradespeople, service providers and visitors to Mr Fluffy houses.

AMP compliance status is published on the Affected Residential Premises Register.

Getting a plan

An AMP is prepared by a licensed asbestos assessor. The assessor inspects the house to:

A licensed asbestos removalist then undertakes these recommended actions, which could involve cleaning, sealing, locking and/or labelling.

A copy of the plan must be provided to WorkSafe ACT. A copy must also be displayed at a prominent location on the property.

Display obligations

From 1 July 2020, owners/residents of an affected property are required to display the AMP report in a case installed at or near the main entrance of the property. The display case will be supplied by the Territory who can also assist with installation.

The displayed AMP report can have personal details such as names and contact details redacted, and asbestos assessors will be instructed to ensure photographs in the report focus only on the area required and do not display personal belongings.

Penalties apply for not displaying the AMP in an approved case or tampering with the case.

Validity period

The validity period of an AMP is set between 6 and 24 months, as determined appropriate to each individual property by the licensed asbestos assessor.

A new AMP needs to be prepared and submitted to WorkSafe ACT before the previous AMP expires.


The cost of getting an AMP is the responsibility of the homeowner. If the cost of the AMP will cause financial hardship, an application can be made to the Taskforce for a partial early release of funds from the relocation assistance grant.

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