Information for removalists

If you are a worker or visitor, before attending a residential property you should:

From 1 July 2020, owners/residents of an affected property are required to display the Asbestos Management Plan report in a case installed at or near the main entrance of the property.

Removalists must undergo asbestos awareness training to work in a house affected by Mr Fluffy loose fill asbestos insulation. As a precautionary measure, removalists are also advised to wear P2 half-face respiratory protection at all times, as the removal process will unsettle dust within the house.

All ACT members of the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) have been made aware of these requirements.

Contamination awareness

Removalists should not enter subfloor or ceiling areas of an affected premises. Items located in these areas or in cupboards/wardrobes identified by a licensed asbestos assessor as contaminated must not be relocated unless they have been cleaned, cleared and removed from the contaminated area by a Class A licensed asbestos removalist. This work must be done prior to the removalist arriving. The clearance certificate of this work being carried out must be made available to the removalist.

Removalists must not move any soft fabric goods or furniture from areas designated as contaminated. Other soft furnishings, clothes and linen that are packed and sealed in cartons by the owner-occupier can be handled by removalists. The removalist can move these cartons and place them where required in the new home, but should not unpack any items.

All hard furnishings should be in a clean, dust-free condition before the removalist moves them.

Homeowner preparations

Homeowners will need to undertake preparations before the removalist arrives. Find out about moving preparations.

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