Eligible Impacted Property Buyback Program

In 2014, the ACT Government undertook to eradicate loose fill asbestos insulation from the Canberra community by offering to purchase and demolish affected properties.

A few affected properties share a block with another property and a small number share a wall, roof space or sub-floor space with one or more adjoining properties. In some cases it may not be possible to safely and efficiently demolish an affected property and completely remove the risks of loose fill asbestos insulation unless some or all of an adjoining property is also demolished.

Owners of adjoining properties that are identified as needing to be demolished along with the affected property - Eligible Impacted Properties – will be invited to participate in the voluntary Eligible Impacted Properties Buyback Program (Impacted Buyback Program).


  • Homeowners who are eligible to participate in the Impacted Buyback Program will receive a letter from the Taskforce inviting them to apply.
  • The Impacted Buyback Program is voluntary and the first step of applying to participate does not commit the homeowner to selling their property. Completing the application form, which will be provided with the invitation to participate, simply enables two free independent valuations of the impacted house to be undertaken. These valuations provide an important piece of information for owners to consider before deciding on further participation in the Program.


  • The Taskforce has been in contact with homeowners of potentially impacted properties through letters and one on one phone conversations since 30 June 2015.
  • Homeowners will be supported through each step of the program by the Taskforce's Personal Support Team who can be contacted by phone on 13 22 81 or by email at asbestostaskforce@act.gov.au

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