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What's happening?

The ACT Government has implemented some of the toughest regulations in Australia to ensure that safety is a primary consideration at each site, during demolition, transportation and disposal of loose fill asbestos affected properties.

Most waste from the demolition of houses affected by Mr Fluffy loose fill asbestos will be disposed of at the West Belconnen Resource Management Centre in Parkwood. Any asbestos fibres removed from the houses will be encapsulated and buried at a special asbestos disposal site in the Mugga Lane resource Management Centre. This activity will be undertaken under strict handing protocols with safety as the priority for the community and for the contractors directly involved.

To manage safety as the asbestos tip site, procedures have been discussed with the Taskforce and WorkSafe ACT, including strict transport and handling procedures, to help mitigate any potential exposure risk.

Each house is assessed and a waste management plan for demolition prepared that is tailored to the specific house and block. This includes an understanding of the estimated potential capacity needed at the disposal site to take the soil, waste and rubble of the demolished house.

Subject to appropriate weather, and with the oversight of WorkSafe ACT, experienced contractors and asbestos removalists will undertake the removal of loose fill asbestos and the demolition and disposal of the house.

Waste is carefully consolidated and covered, then transported in trucks on designated roads directly to the asbestos tip site within the West Belconnen Resource Management Centre.

The waste will be covered by soil immediately or at the end of each day. Workers will be protected within air conditioned cabs of machinery or will wear appropriate protective clothing during the disposal of waste into the pit.

Strict procedures are also in place for the disposal of loose asbestos. Fibres vacuumed or otherwise removed from the houses are placed in sealed, heavy duty plastic bags according to regulations. Bonded asbestos sheets must also be wrapped in plastic before being disposed of. An appointment is made with the contractors at the Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre before the bags are transported there and disposed of at a location dedicated to asbestos disposal.

The asbestos disposal site is checked daily.

What will it look like? What will I hear?

When it comes time to transport the waste after the structural demolition, there may be minor disruptions to traffic conditions. Traffic management will be in place to minimise disruption to surrounding residents and road users.

How will I be engaged?

The Taskforce will continue to engage with the West Belconnen Community through forums and letter box drops.

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