Internal asbestos removal

Scoping each house > Planning and assessments > Site set up > Internal asbestos removal > Structural demolition > Disposal > Site wrap up

What's happening?

Once the site has been set up safely, internal asbestos removal will begin, with the wrapping of the roof.

The safe removal of loose fill asbestos is undertaken by licensed and experienced Class A asbestos removalists within a negative air enclosure established within the structure of the house. Negative air pressure units containing fans will be placed in the windows or doors of the home to ensure that no stray fibres can escape the work area. to ensure a safe environment, these must operate 24/7 during loose fill asbestos removal.

A licensed asbestos assessor also independently monitor dust levels during this stage of the process. Even if the smallest detectable amount is found in the air, work is stopped while the source of the dust is investigated and removed.

What will it look like? What will I hear?

A negative air unit emits a consistent noise similar to an air-conditioning unit.

Plastic sheeting will be used to create a negative air chamber over the roof of the house, and a decontamination chamber will be installed where contractors will enter and exit the property. Contractors will wear full face respirators and protective clothing during removal of any loose fill asbestos.

How will I be engaged?

By this stage, the contractos should have provided a letter outlining activity on site.

How long will it take?

The internal asbestos removal stage takes about eight working days to complete.

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