Removal of unapproved structures

From time to time, contractors will need to return to remediated Mr Fluffy blocks in order to remove unapproved structures prior to the block being sold. Unapproved structures or those that are unable to be approved (such as those in easements) may include large garden sheds, carports or swimming pools and is in line with First Right of Refusal Guidelines.

It is important to note that these structures have not been affected by Mr Fluffy and are not being removed because of asbestos contamination.

Unapproved retaining walls may be retained if the structural integrity of the remediated block or an adjoining property would be compromised by their removal. If this is the case, the nature and status of those retained structures will be an explicit term in the Contract for Sale for the remediated block.

Approved structures will not be removed from remediated blocks unless this is necessary as part of the demolition access requirements.

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