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Before a property is ready to be scheduled for demolition, the Taskforce undertakes detailed site scoping and background research to develop a Demolition Package which acts as a guide for the contractors to undertake demolition on that particular house.

No two houses are the same and to understand the complexity of each house and site, the Taskforce undertakes detailed scoping and research work to prepare comprehensive information in a Demolition Package for each house.

The Demolition Package is prepared to help minimise delays and to ensure demolition can be undertaken safely and efficiently on each site. This includes a settlement checklist, recent maintenance reports, special considerations and if needed some historical files.


  • Many affected properties are nearly 50 years old, some houses have been surrendered partially renovated, others in a state of disrepair, a number present challenges as they are located in bushfire zones, are part of a unit complex or share a wall and a small number are heritage houses.
  • The Taskforce undertakes individual site scoping to ensure that demolition can occur safely and efficiently and steps are in place to manage features like trees, landscaping, drainage and boundary fences.
  • During the pre-settlement check; the Taskforce works through a checklist to determine the demolition requirements of the property and what needs to be removed to ensure it can be done safely and efficiently.
  • At the same time, the Taskforce works with homeowners who are seeking to rebuild on their blocks (First Right Holders.
  • Only after detailed scoping work can a property be handed over to a contractor to undertake demolition activities.
  • The Demolition Package is then submitted to Procurement and Capital Works in the Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate for distribution to the selected Head Contractor. It is only with this comprehensive package that a property can be released to a contractor to undertake demolition activities.


  • Homeowners with First Right of Refusal are engaged through the scoping process.
  • Experts such as tree or heritage specialists may be called upon for advice.
  • Taskforce worked with Property Group, Emergency Services, ACT Heritage Council as well as Environment and Planning to develop an understanding of each property and the safest approach for demolition.

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