Site set up

Scoping each house > Planning and assessments > Site set up > Internal asbestos removal > Structural demolition > Disposal > Site wrap up

What's happening?

After site planning and assessment, site set up begins. The property is fenced for safety and necessary power, water and specialist equipment in placed on site to support the removal, demolition and remediation process.

What will it look like? What will I hear?

You will see the fence, equipment and contractors on site and you may hear power tools as awnings, gutters and shrubs are removed.

For safety reasons, contractors may wear respirators and protective clothing when entering the house.

Traffic disruption is unlikely to occur.

How will I be engaged?

Neighbours and surrounding residents will receive a letter from contractors providing information about the demolition process, as well as who to contact if you have any questions or would like more information. This letter may contain an indicative demolition date which is subject to weather conditions.

How long will it take?

The site set up phase of demolition takes approximately five working days.

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