Site wrap up

Scoping each house > Planning and assessments > Site set up > Internal asbestos removal > Structural Demolition > Disposal > Site wrap up

Once rubble has been cleared, a layer of soil is removed from the demolition site. Samples of this soil are sent for testing. If asbestos fibres are found, further soil is removed and additional testing is carried out.

This process, which may take a number of weeks, continues until all samples are clear. For more information see the Soil Validation InfoSheet. When the site has been cleared, contractors will remove equipment and fencing.

The soil clearance report, along with the demolition certificate and the asbestos clearance certificate, are then provided to the Taskforce. These documents provide the required evidence to the Taskforce to allow the property to be removed from the Affected Residential Premises Register. For more information see the Deregistration InfoSheet.

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