Top ten FAQs

  1. How do I report a workplace safety issue on a Mr Fluffy site?
    If you have a workplace safety concern about activity at a Mr Fluffy house, please contact WorkSafe ACT on 02 6207 3000 to report the issue.
  2. How do I report criminal activity on a Mr Fluffy site?
    To report criminal activity at a Mr Fluffy house, call ACT Policing on 131 444 or, in the case of an emergency, dial 000.
  3. What happens to the items I left behind when I surrendered my house to the ACT Government?
    Any goods and improvements remaining on the land on the surrender date may be disposed of by the Territory. A clause to this effect is contained within the Deed of Surrender. Examples of items that have been left behind include contents inside and external to the property, e.g. items in garden sheds, goods in houses, lawn furniture etc.
  4. How will the sale price of my remediated block be determined?
    In keeping with normal land sales practices the Suburban Land Agency will seek two independent valuations to inform the market value of remediated blocks. A formula will be in place to determine the block's market value in the case of variations: If the difference between the two valuations is 10% or less - the selling price is not less than the highest of the valuations. If the difference is between 10% and 15% - the selling price is at least 10% above the lowest valuation. If the difference is greater than 15%, a third valuation will be sought and the selling price will be at least the average of the three valuations and not less than 10% above the lowest valuation.
  5. When will I receive the valuation for my remediated block?
    Following the passing of Territory Plan Variation 343 by the ACT Assembly in February 2016, valuations for remediated blocks are now requested as soon as an approved demolition contractor has been awarded a package of demolition works. Depending on the size of this package and the contractor's workload, a First Right of Refusal Offer letter, that includes the purchase price for the remediated block, will generally be sent to former lessees in the two months prior to demolition.
  6. Why is the sales price not the average of the valuations as it was when the Government purchased my home?
    The Territory purchased affected properties at full market value, ignoring the presence of loose fill asbestos contamination and minor presentation or maintenance issues. The offer for sale of a remediated block is a second and separate market transaction. The approach to the sales phase is in line with the stated intention to sell each block at market value, reflecting its best and highest use in order to defray the cost of the Buyback and Demolition Program, repay the Commonwealth loan and minimise the residual cost of the Scheme to the Territory.
  7. How will First Right Holders be contacted regarding accepting their valuation?
    The Taskforce will attempt to contact you three times, in line with our Policy. The first contact will be the offer package sent by Registered Post to your last known postal address. This will be followed up by a phone call or email. The second attempt will be a follow up phone call or email. If we have not heard from you, an email will be sent to advise of the previous attempts to make contact, stating that the next step will be an offer expiry reminder with a copy provided to your solicitor used during the Buyback process. The third attempt is the offer expiry reminder sent by Registered Post to the First Right of Refusal holder and the Buyback Solicitor.
  8. Following demolition, how long will blocks be vacant prior to sale?
    It is expected the blocks will be vacant between 3-6 months. As a result of the sales process due to Variation 343, in initial stages blocks may be vacant longer than this.
  9. Where a number of blocks are adjacent to each other, can they be consolidated?
    No, Variation 343 does not allow consolidation of remediated blocks in RZ1 zones.

    For information about your block and whether it is subject to Variation 343 and suitable for dual occupancy, you can contact the Planning Enquiries section of the ACT Planning and Land Authority (ACTPLA) by emailing or calling 02 6205 2888. In-person enquiries can be made at 16 Challis Street, Dickson on weekdays between the hours of 8:30am - 4:30pm. When contacting the Planning Enquiries section, it is helpful to advise them that your enquiry relates to a Mr Fluffy block. This will assist the staff to provide you with the correct information.
  10. Can we rent our house back from the ACT Government for a couple of weeks after surrender?
    No. The house must be vacated at surrender and must remain vacated. At surrender it will be a Territory asset and liabilities will be with the ACT Government. The Taskforce has had representations from a number of homeowners seeking access to the property for a week after surrender to assist in removal of furniture. In certain circumstances an access permit may be granted, however it is much easier to request more time prior to surrender to allow homeowners to finalise the removal of their belongings.
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