Number Scheduled - Why are only 727 houses scheduled for demolition yet there are 1022 affected houses?

The ACT Government's voluntary Buyback Program, announced in October 2014, was open to all homeowners of the 1022 known houses affected with loose fill asbestos insulation across Canberra.

The 727 represents the properties formally allocated schedule windows through to 2018, excluding the 84 already completed demolitions up to 19 February 2016.

Properties that are not yet acquired by the Taskforce or have additional complexities have not been allocated a schedule window at this time and therefore are not shown in the scheduling numbers. These properties have been tentatively placed in the indicative Demolition Schedule for 2018 or later, but will be brought forward where efficiencies allow.

Some homeowners have elected not to participate in the Buyback Program and are making private arrangements for the demolition of their affected properties. These properties are not scheduled as part of the ACT Government Demolition Program. Additionally, a small number of homeowners are supported through the Eradication Scheme by Assisted Private Demolition. These properties will also not be accounted for in the ACT Government Demolition Program schedule.

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