What is the risk that I have been exposed to loose fill asbestos insulation if I have lived Near a Mr Fluffy house?

Loose fill asbestos was installed in the roof space of Mr Fluffy houses as insulation. In some houses this material has, over the years, moved to other areas such as wall-cavities, underfloor spaces and living areas. Because these are internal to the Mr Fluffy affected houses with there is a very low risk of asbestos fibres having moved to other properties.

All urban residents are exposed to low levels of asbestos in the environment, from natural and industrial materials and buildings.

The risk of developing asbestos related disease increases in proportion to the total number of fibres a person breathes in during their lifetime. Most people who develop an asbestos related medical condition have been exposed to high concentrations of fibres, or exposed over many years, in occupational settings like mining, construction and machinery shops.

Short periods of exposure to low levels of asbestos, as might occur in visiting a house with Mr Fluffy insulation, carries an extremely low risk of developing an asbestos related illness.

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