Will the ACT Government pay for the preparation and implementation of the asbestos management plans?

No. The ACT Government has been clear that its first advice to homeowners is to leave these houses and it will not be spending public funds on houses that it considers need to be demolished.

The Buyback and Demolition Program provides an opportunity for homeowners to sell their affected properties at market value ignoring the presence of loose fill asbestos contamination to the ACT Government and receive relocation support and stamp duty concessions.

By continuing to reside in or allow occupation of an affected house, a homeowner is accepting risk and the responsibility to manage the exposure of loose fill asbestos for people living in the house, tradespeople, service providers and visitors. In accepting risk a homeowner is financially responsible for minimising any exposure, so the cost of these works remain with the homeowner. In cases of significant hardship, we encourage homeowners to discuss their individual circumstances with the Taskforce on 13 22 81.

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