Do I need to prepare anything for the removal?

Yes, the removalist will require you to prepare your goods prior to their arrival at your home. Through AFRA, removalists have also been advised by the Taskforce that they should refuse to pack any goods in a known contaminated area (as indicated in the assessment report) and may refuse to pack or move very dusty goods if they have any concerns.

The following documents will assist you in deciding what you can and can’t take:

Homeowners should read these documents carefully to make an informed decision about what belongings to take to your new home.

In general:

  • You must not pack any soft fabric goods from areas where the licensed asbestos assessor has indicated are contaminated.
  • You must not ask the furniture removalist to pack items stored in sub-floor or ceiling cavities.
  • Vacuum cleaners should be cleaned as per the manufacturer’s instructions and packed by the owner. Mops, brooms, dustpans and brushes should be washed and packed in a plastic bag.
  • You should pack and seal all other soft furnishings, clothes and linen prior to them being lifted by the removalist company. The removalist will be able to provide you with cartons and plastic covers prior to removal. The removalist will move these cartons and place them where required in your new home but will not unpack any items that were packed by you.
  • All hard furnishings should be in a clean, dust-free condition.

It is essential that the above steps are taken prior to removal. Removalists have been advised by the Taskforce that they may need to add in to their costings time to wet wipe any dusty (uncontaminated) items. Good preparation by you will help to minimise costs.

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