What process will the Taskforce use to notify us when my former house is being demolished?

The Taskforce is exploring “self service” options that would allow Eligible Homeowners to obtain information on demolition scheduling. Alternatively, the Personal Support Team will contact you closer to the date of demolition. Either way, this information is expected to include:

  • indicative notification: i.e. that your block is scheduled for demolition within a six month period (e.g. second half of 2017)
  • second notification: that the scheduled demolition will occur in a particular month (this is expected to occur around six months prior to demolition)
  • escalation or delay notification: that demolition of your block has been brought forward or delayed significantly
  • final notification: that your block is scheduled for demolition at a set date (usually within a one week period), noting that the actual demolition day can change due to unpredictable delays at other sites, issues with machinery, approvals and weather.
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