Once the ACT Government purchases an affected property, it will begin the process of demolition and site remediation.

Prior to any demolition activity the ACT Government and/or contractors work with neighbours and the community to inform them of the works and safety arrangements in place.

Each site is overseen by a principal contractor and WorkSafe ACT. Experienced licensed contractors undertake the removal and demolition works.

After the asbestos has been removed, the house demolished and the soil testing complete these properties are deregistered and offered for resale.

Demolition process and timing

Removing an affected house generally takes around six weeks, which includes preparation, removal, and remediation of the block. The timeline is highly dependent on the particular site conditions and the weather. A general guide is:

See the complete demolition process.

Waste disposal

There are rules for the appropriate disposal of waste during the demolition process.

Private demolition

Private demolition may be the best pathway for some homeowners and the ACT Government is supportive of this option.

Fee relief for waste disposal is available to eligible homeowners.

More information

Download the Demolition Overview booklet (2.4 MB).

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