Contaminated or unwanted goods and materials left behind by the owner, in addition to demolition waste, soil and structures from a loose fill asbestos insulation affected property must be disposed of at an ACT NOWaste Facility.

No interstate disposal is permitted.

The only exception is for metals from non-affected structures that can be disposed of at an ACT metal recycling facility.

All materials must remain secured on the property until removed for delivery to an ACT NOWaste Facility.

No contaminated or unwanted household goods or personal effects left behind by the owner, or materials of any kind other than metals, may be recovered for sale, off site re-use or temporary storage.

Review the Waste Policy (558.6 KB) for more details.

Waste disposal fee relief

Fee relief for waste disposal is available to eligible homeowners undertaking a private demolition.

Who can apply?

Waste disposal fee relief is available to the registered owner of a property on the Register at the time of application and at the time of demolition.

What is the timing?

Applications for fee relief must be submitted by the close of the buyback program, which is the later of 30 June 2021 or six months after the COVID-19 Public Health State of Emergency in the ACT is lifted.

Fee relief is valid for 12 months from the date of approval.

What does fee relief include?

An approved application for fee relief provides a maximum of six week days of access to the asbestos waste disposal areas at Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre for the applicant’s authorised demolition contractor (the days do not need to be consecutive).

The fee relief is only valid for the disposal of waste from within the asbestos work area of an affected property.

Times need to be booked to access the Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre, and should allow for three weeks’ prior notice.

How to apply

  1. Read the Waste disposal fee relief guidelines (539.3 KB).
  2. Complete the Waste disposal fee relief application form (236.7 KB) and submit it to the Asbestos Response Taskforce.
  3. Once approved, the Taskforce will provide you and your authorised demolition contractor with details on how to get disposal dockets from ACT NOWaste.
  4. Use the Waste disposal fee relief booking form (207.3 KB) to access the Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre.

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