Safety and Regulation

When it comes to managing asbestos within residential properties, there are laws in the ACT to ensure greater awareness for industry and the community.

If you have concerns about workplace safety on a Mr Fluffy site, you should contact WorkSafe ACT on 02 6207 3000 to report the issue. WorkSafe ACT adopted the new national model asbestos safety regulations from 1 January 2015 which govern the assessment, removal and demolition of homes affected by loose fill asbestos insulation.

There are certain safety responsibilities you may need to undertake if you own or live in an affected house or provide professional services to an affected property.

Each affected property should have an Asbestos Contamination Report (ACR) and Asbestos Management Plan and be tagged with a warning sticker in the meter box.

If you are entering an affected property for a professional reason you should be informed of the presence of loose fill asbestos and be provided with a copy of the asbestos assessment report.

If you are moving from an affected property there are certain soft furnishings and contents that may need to remain in the house due to contamination. If you wish to remove fixtures and fittings, you will need to check if these may cause damage to the property and further disturb the loose fill asbestos and increase exposure risk.


  1. Understanding the risk: Every house affected by Mr Fluffy loose fill asbestos has received a free Asbestos Assessment Report which:
    • Identifies the location, type and condition of the loose fill asbestos in relation to the premises
    • Assesses the risk resulting from the identified asbestos; and
    • Recommends action to be undertaken to manage the asbestos in the short term
  2. Identifying the property: Every household affected received a 'warning sticker' which is mandatory to be attached to the inside of the meter box from 1 January 2015. Spot checks by Worksafe ACT Inspectors are being undertaken to ensure affected properties are tagged.
  3. Informing people: Tenants, tradespeople, valuers, removalists and other people providing professional services to the affected property need a copy of the asbestos assessment report.
  4. Moving from the house: Some soft furnishings and contents may be contaminated and will need to remain with the house. Before seeking to remove fixtures or fittings check that this activity does not further disturb the loose fill asbestos or increase your exposure.
  5. New regulations: If your affected house will remain occupied for some time or you are not intending on participating in the Buyback and Demolition Scheme, there are new regulations for managing a property with Mr Fluffy loose fill asbestos effective 1 July 2015. Further details will be provided as soon as possible.

Key Contacts

WorkSafe ACT
Phone: 02 6207 3000

Asbestos Response Taskforce
Phone: 13 22 81

ACT Policing
Phone: 131 444

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