Therapeutic support group

A free therapeutic support group program hosted by CatholicCare provides a safe space for current and former homeowners and tenants of Mr Fluffy properties to connect, access support and information, and share experiences.

The group meets bi-monthly and is facilitated by trained psychologists. You may attend one or more sessions, and there is no obligation to attend all sessions.

A light supper is provided.


The group explores the impacts of long-term stress with helpful strategies and support networks.

Each session focuses on a different topic as listed below:

14 September 2020Understanding the effects of trauma and finding hope
9 November 2020Is your thinking working with you or against you?
8 February 2021The body and stress: using meditation to calm the mind
12 April 2021Healing invisible wounds: the benefits of art therapy
14 June 2021Healthy body, healthy mind
9 August 2021Mindfulness and resilience: have fun with yoga


Register online or call CatholicCare on 02 6163 7600.

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