The Taskforce has responsibility for maintaining the Affected Residential Premises Register (the Register). This includes removing properties from the Register once they have met the deregistration requirements.

Following demolition and soil validation, the following documents must be submitted to the Taskforce with a request that the property be removed from the Register:

  • asbestos removal clearance certificates prepared by a licensed asbestos assessor;
  • a site soil validation report prepared by a licensed asbestos assessor or authorised soil validator; and
  • a Certificate of Completion of Demolition issued by the Construction Occupations Registrar.

The Taskforce examines this information and, when satisfied that the requirements for deregistration have been met, will issue a Deregistration Statement and remove the property from the Register.

Copies of the Deregistration Statement are provided to the Land Titles Office and the Construction Occupations Registrar.

The Land Titles Register, the Building File and the Planning & Land Management database are amended to indicate that the property has been removed from the Register. These records are discoverable during a conveyancing search when the remediated block is sold, or during building file searches prior to the approval of any subsequent building work.

For more information refer to the Deregistration InfoSheet.

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