The Register

The ACT Government is required under the Dangerous Substances Act 2004 (the Act) to maintain a register of residential premises that contain or have contained loose fill asbestos insulation, known as the Affected Residential Premises Register (the Register). The Asbestos Response Taskforce (Taskforce) has responsibility for maintaining the Register. A subset of the Register, known as ‘the List’, identifying only the address, block, section and division, was first published in July 2015.

With many of the affected properties now demolished and new homes rebuilt, it is important that the community can easily identify any remaining affected property. This is particularly important for tradespeople and care providers working on or in an affected property. These workers are reminded to check the Register to identify if they will be working in an affected property, and encouraged to ask for a copy of the Asbestos Management Plan that will provide details of contamination within the property.

The Register identifies properties by division, block, section and unit numbers. It also includes the date the property was included on the Register and whether it has been acquired by the Territory. For convenience of use the Register also shows the accepted street address and alternative street address where applicable (such as corner blocks). Clarification can be made through or the Taskforce on 13 22 81.

The Register will be updated monthly as properties are demolished and have met the deregistration requirements.

You can download the Register of affected properties (PDF, 121kb) or you can
search the Register:
Division NameSectionBlockUnitAddress Alternate Address Acquired by the Territory (Crown Lease Surrendered) Date added to Register
ARANDA442 13 Juwin Street No29-Jun-15
CHAPMAN1135 5 Lazar Place Yes29-Jun-15
CHAPMAN4425 6 Darrell Place Yes29-Jun-15
CHIFLEY116 9 Renwick Street No29-Jun-15
COOK3117 20 Booth Crescent No29-Jun-15
COOK351 18 Skinner Street No29-Jun-15
CURTIN7411 59 Jennings Street No29-Jun-15
CURTIN837 20 O`Shanassy Street No29-Jun-15
CURTIN8914 101 Carruthers Street2 Throssell StreetYes11-Jul-19
CURTIN9217 32 Throssell Street1 Robertson StreetNo29-Jun-15
DEAKIN242 70 Macgregor Street No29-Jun-15
DICKSON245 48 Dumaresq Street No29-Jun-15
DICKSON7412 10 Dutton Street1 Eady StreetYes29-Jun-15
FARRER2423 20 Cameron Street No29-Jun-15
FARRER4312 136 Lambrigg Street No29-Jun-15
FISHER2516 32 Ardlethan Street No29-Jun-15
FLYNN364 7 Meiklejohn Place No29-Jun-15
FRASER422 10 Rogers Street No18-Nov-19
GIRALANG224 76 Baracchi Crescent No29-Jun-15
HACKETT81 37 Maitland Street24 Hedley StreetNo29-Jun-15
HACKETT37610102 Grayson Street Yes29-Jun-15
HACKETT37611104 Grayson Street Yes29-Jun-15
HIGGINS2533637 Fullagar Crescent Yes29-Jun-15
JERRABOMBERRA07 146 Mugga Lane No29-Jun-15
KAMBAH49322 33 McKenzie Street No29-Jun-15
LYONS65 20 Scottsdale Street No29-Jun-15
LYONS1511 22 Olympus Way No29-Jun-15
LYONS1512 24 Olympus Way2 Barrow PlaceNo29-Jun-15
MACQUARIE45 11 Wylde Place No29-Jun-15
MACQUARIE36758 Lachlan Street Yes29-Jun-15
MACQUARIE367877 Blackman Crescent Yes29-Jun-15
MAWSON156 29 Ainsworth Street No29-Jun-15
MAWSON1819 13 Rymill Place No29-Jun-15
MAWSON333 43 Bernacchi Street No29-Jun-15
NARRABUNDAH442 21 Sturt Avenue No29-Jun-15
NARRABUNDAH5513 21 Lindsay Street No29-Jun-15
NARRABUNDAH9529 264 Goyder Street No29-Jun-15
NICHOLLS8310Deasland Homestead24 Edie Payne Close1132 Barton Highway No29-Jun-15
RIVETT4413 5 Goodenia Street Yes29-Jun-15
RIVETT5623 39 Pavonia Street No04-Feb-20
SPENCE4711 1 Standbridge Place81 Baddeley CrescentNo29-Jun-15
STIRLING637 159 Streeton Drive No29-Jun-15
WATSON546 5 Dowling Street No29-Jun-15
WEETANGERA282 7 McKeahnie Street No29-Jun-15
WEETANGERA4522 131 Springvale Drive No29-Jun-15
WESTON436 38 Buvelot Street No26-Mar-20
YARRALUMLA481 46 Weston Street14 Cambage StreetNo29-Jun-15
YARRALUMLA745199 Hopetoun Circuit99 Hopetoun CircuitYes29-Jun-15

As at 31 March 2020

The full list of affected properties also remains available for reference purposes.

There can be a range of reactions to learning you may have lived in, worked on or in, or even visited an affected property. The ACT Chief Health Officer has advised that just because a person has been exposed to loose fill asbestos insulation does not mean they will necessarily develop an asbestos related medical condition.

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